What if there was a single simplicity under it all?

The book Your Third And Final Wish exposes a hidden connection between every form of insecurity, anxiety and despair.

The bad news is, it’s a connection so crazy it’s like something out of a science fiction show.

Think of it like this.

The human mind has existed in its modern form for at least several hundred thousand years.

Is it completely impossible that in all of that time, a certain kind of destructive thought has literally evolved?

Are we adamant that evolution cannot happen in the world of thought itself?

Is it truly beyond the boundaries of possibility that certain thoughts have evolved into a kind of toxic conceptual life? Life that infects and damages the human mind, a little like how a computer virus infects and damages a computer?

Of course, that’s insane. Everyone knows that human beings are in control of their own thoughts. Everyone knows it’s ridiculous to think that thoughts have a life of their own.

Thoughts that use us? Hurt us? Even control us?

Everyone knows that’s preposterous.